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Do you own a small business? Expand it now with the Internet and our specialized directory!

Suppose that right now, you need to go to a restaurant, a supermarket, or any other small business that wouldn’t be far from you, what are you likely to do? For sure, you will Google it. What if you needed to know which lawyer is closest to you, who will you ask? Google again, no doubt.

Can you imagine that nearly 46% of searches on Google are primarily local? As the owner of a small enterprise, if you really want to expand your customer base, you must consider those facts.

If you own a website for your small enterprise, you must have heard of natural referencing or SEO. In this page, we will introduce you to a close but more specific concept: local referencing.

The concept of local referencing

It's a sort of SEO in a smaller scale, which is engaged to increase the natural referencing (SEO) of the geographical references of a company.

Usually, as part of a traditional SEO strategy, search engines scrutinize the entire web to suggest companies that can meet the needs expressed by the internet user.

However, in the Google search bar, the latter, if he needs a restaurant, will not just type "find good restaurant", but rather "find good restaurant Paris". If you own a restaurant in Paris, wouldn’t it be great to see that every internet user who seeks to know "where to find a good restaurant in Paris", have your location, your telephone contact on their phone or computer? Of course, that’s what every business owner wish for. And, that’s the aim of local referencing:  narrowing raw results to a district, a city, a department, etc., in case the user specifies a place in his query on Google.

If, while getting your business digital, you had worked on your local SEO, here are the information that Google would display to internet users about your company:

  • the precise location of the company
  • your telephone contact so that they can contact you directly and if necessary get an appointment
  • a ranking of your services, based on the comments of people who had been your clients in the past
  • other useful information, such as possibility for online payment

That's something, isn’t it? It's more accurate, more concise, and more practical as well. If you manage to be among the top three results on Google, then smile and get ready to see your sales escalate.

Local SEO: who needs to get involved?

Any small business owner that really wants to grow his business should first start looking for customers in his immediate surroundings. As a matter of fact, your location gives you an edge over your competitors.

If you want to know which companies need to get involved in local SEO, here are a few examples:

  • liberal professions in general (law firms, accounting firms, dentists, pediatricians, etc.)
  • small agribusinesses (bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.)
  • small service businesses (such as cleaning firm, brokerage, babysitting, hair salons, etc.)
  • companies selling equipment and materials
  • local representations of multinationals, all sectors combined.

Here is why should you switch to local SEO today

Before answering that question, let’s give you a few figures to make you see the relevance of the subject. They are statistics gleaned on Bright Local. Here is what they say:

  • 96% of computer owners do local searches
  • 46% of all searches on Google are local searches
  • 64% of Internet users use directories on Google as the primary way to find small enterprise near them
  • 50% of phone owners search for specific information such as the address or phone number of a company
  • 78% of mobile local searches end up in actual purchases.

So, do you think you should work on the local referencing of your company? These statistics already tell you how much it will improve your visibility on the Internet, help you gain notoriety within the Internet community and get from good quality link-ups.

Why involve in local SEO? Because it helps you, even without a website, to display your particulars on the Internet so whosoever wants to contact you will get it easily. It helps you get your business digital, without having to spend a lot of money on budget-sucking ads.

Especially when an internet user type something like "find dentist Paris", that tells you that really needs a dentist and if you had made sure to be within his reach when he needs your services most, then you’ve just got a new customer. That's why we say that with local SEO, you're sure to get quality link-ups.

Now you may be wondering how to go about your local referencing. Here are two things to do.

Local SEO: how to start?

Two main actions will allow you to get an incredible boost of the natural referencing of the website of your small business. Here they are:

Register as a business on Google My Business

About 90% of all searches are done on Google. When it comes to mobile phones, that percentage goes up to 95%, which Google tells you that with Google, you stand a better chance than with all the other search engines combined.

So, you will need to let Google know the precise location of your company on the map. For that purpose, you will fill a form on Google My Business. The form is free.

Among others, you will have to tell:

  • the name of your company
  • its exact location
  • your line of business
  • the URL of your website
  • your opening and closing hours
  • pictures in case you have great ones
  • customer reviews
  • other relevant information that will be displayed on Google Maps

As soon as you fill the form, then you are ready for the next step

Get your company listed in a specialized directory

Remember that 64% of Internet users tend to turn to directories on Google to find small enterprises located near their home. Therefore, for an effective local SEO, it is essential that you get your enterprise listed in a specialized directory like ours. Always make sure that the directory you choose is easily accessible on smartphones and on tablets as well.

In the directory, we recommend that you fill in as many details as possible. Put:

  • the name of your enterprise
  • your phone contacts
  • the link to your website
  • a smart description of your line of activity

Do you offer free Wi-Fi connection in your company? Do you allow pets in? If you do, mention those little details also, for they will help you win more customers that fall in those categories.

Essential things to do before getting listed in a specialized directory

There are lots of directories on the Internet, and many companies are already taking advantage of them. However, for a directory to really help you grow your customer base in the long run, some key principles must be minded. Neglect them and your business on the internet won’t proper sustainably. But heed them and the specialized directory will increase your visibility on the Internet and give you a lot of quality link-ups. Here are the three principles to get maximal impact as you get listed in a specialized directory like ours:

  • Be clear and reasonable about your rates: you shouldn’t forget that your geographical address is not the only basis on which your prospects choose you. Your rates also play a role. Offer reasonable prices, especially if there are competing enterprises in your vicinity.
  • Provide a good quality service: losing a customer makes you 1000 customers in the long run, and winning a customer makes will win 1000 customers later. But for a customer to be won, it takes you to satisfy his need properly. Take this seriously.
  • Be available to the online customer: nothing is worth an available ear. To succeed in the digital business, make sure you are as responsive as possible to your online customers. Furthermore, you might have to think about making online payment possible.

As you complete your registration on Google My Business and as you get your company listed in our specialized directory, these three principles will soon make you ride joyfully on the wheels of financial growth.

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